How We Do It

Ben Clark Jr. Remodeling complete projects based on fixed price contracts with comprehensive, accurate specifications and a clearly defined scope of work.  This fixed-price method accomplishes the following:

Costs stay within budget.

Fixed price contracts require that the builder understands and controls the cost of the project. By avoiding an open-ended agreement, we document expectations so there are no surprises. Our experience allows us to accurately estimate and stay within your budget. 

We can focus on construction, not paperwork.

Though it requires more upfront research and commitment to details, this is where the expertise of Ben Clark Jr. Remodeling becomes your advantage. By not spending time making invoices, we can devote more time to meeting your project deadlines.

Better project planning and certainty.

Unlike open-ended contracts, fixed-price contracts generally result in definite and predictable project schedules and outcomes. This allows for better means of control and planning.

Our Process

  1. Initial appointment consultation
  2. Presentation of price and scope of work
  3. Materials selection for the project and contract signing
  4. Pre-Construction meeting
  5. Start Construction